10 Presidents Who Retired Wealthy

When it comes to presidents it is no secret that many of them have entered the office quite wealthy. Several had established their fortunes well before getting the stress and the salary of the highest office in the land. For many of these presidents they had a quite a nest egg built up by the time they retired, but for some it was not enough to supply their extravagant lifestyles and they ended up deep in debt by the time they died.
All of the net worths of these presidents have been adjusted to the 2010 US dollar.

Thomas Jefferson $212 million


Thomas Jefferson had a substantial fortune to his name by the end of his presidency. He inherited 5,000 acres of land from his father and became a lawyer. Through his wife’s family he inherited 11,000 acres and 135 slaves. When he ended his presidency, he founded the University of Virginia and lived an extravagant lifestyle. His spending put him in debt by the time of his death and his daughter was forced to rely on charity.

10 Richest People in New Zealand and How They Accumulated Their Wealth


For a long time, New Zealand was thought of as a haven for billionaires. A beautiful country with plenty of ways to enjoy their seemingly limitless wealth. The release of the Panama Papers suggest New Zealand may also have an appeal as a tax haven for billionaires and millionaires but that has not protected them from recent downturns. Many of the wealthy in New Zealand have seen significant decreases in their net worth, but still the same names continue to top the list.

1. Graeme Hart

Net Worth: $7.3 Billion


Graeme Hart built up a massive net worth through slowly buying up underperforming businesses. He has created what is now known as his packaging empire with businesses that make things ranging from paper and foil to milk cartoons and water bottles. Graeme Hart has made a fortune for himself even though he dropped out of school at 16 and started his career working as a truck driver. However recently he has begun selling some companies to pay off his debt.

The 10 Richest Countries in the World


In 2015, Global Finance Magazine ranked the wealthiest countries in the world based upon their GDP per capita. The analysis also included the Purchasing Power Parity which takes into account the cost of living and the inflation rate within the countries in order to compare the living standards. All but the most smallest countries like Andorra and Monaco were included in the study.

1. Qatar

GDP per capita $105,091.42


Qatar is currently considered to be the most advanced Arab state for human development. It has the highest per capita income in the world and is backed by the world’s third largest natural gas and oil reserves. The country is so wealthy that approximately 14% of households are dollar millionaires but it relies heavily on migrant workers to build its economy. Currently 84% of the population are migrant workers.

The 15 Richest People in South Africa and the Secret Behind Their Wealth


South Africa has become one of the most stable and fastest developing counties on the African continent. Numerous South African businesses have grown into worldwide conglomerates and there are several billionaires living in the country today. Take a look at how some of the richest people in South Africa climbed the ladder of success.

Markus Jooste

$400 Million


Markus Jooste is the CEO of Steinhoff International. He joined the company in 1988 after he engineered the sale of a South African retail chain to the German owners of Steinhoff. He then worked his way through the company to turn it into “Africa’s Ikea” and the second largest retailer of household goods in Europe. In 2014 Steinhoff International purchased another company, Pepkor Holdings, which added clothing to their list of offerings.

Review Of Vanguard Investment Management Company

Vanguard manages $3 trillion of assets and has traditionally been quite successful at managing other people’s money.  In examining the nation’s top 101 most popular 401(k) plans, Vanguard 401k makes up 32 of them.  What does this giant in retirement funds have to offer different investors?
A very popular investment is Target Retirement funds, which Vanguard is able to offer to 88% of its investors and 66% of different plan participants invest in those plans.  Eight of the actively managed funds appear on the list of the 101 most popular, and actively managed funds have especially been a target for overcharging customers, Vanguard’s actively managed plans have a good reputation for controlling costs.
Most of Vanguard’s 401(k)’s have a good reputation for providing a solid mix of stocks and bonds, as well as providing a reasonable expense ratio.
Wellington:  Vanguard’s Wellington invests 66% of its assets in stocks with 34% invested in bonds.  This fund has $89 billion in assets and an expense ratio of .26%.  The real question an investor has is the return on investment.  The one-year return on Vanguard Wellington is 3.5%, the five-year return is 12.1%, and the 10-year return is 7.9%.
All is not perfect with Vanguard funds.  Their International Growth plan has had three different managers since 2009, and that has affected its recent performance.  International Growth fund has $23.1 billion in assets and an expense ratio of .47% which is still not astronomical.  The one year return is -1.6%, the five-year return is 10.5, and the 10 year return is 7%.  The discrepancy between the one and five and ten year returns indicates this plan bears watching.  Perhaps with a consistent leadership, this plan will settle in and produce more consistent results.
Finally, consider the Vanguard Morgan Growth plan. This plan has $11.6 billion in assets, an expense ratio of .40%, and a one-year return of 12.6%, a five-year 17.7%, and a 10 year return of 8.6%.  This fund invests in fast-growing firms that have smart boards and smart directors.  If there is a concern about this fund it is that there are five firms involved in running it.
Vanguard has been around for a long time, and has been successful just as long making smart investments with their Vanguard IRA plans.  Depending on how important large growth is there are many funds a future retiree can choose from.

Celebs Who "Un" Retired And Are Back In The Game

Stardom and fame can be overwhelming, especially when you have already racked up millions of dollars and endless glory. Therefore, it is not surprising that some celebrities decide to walk away from the fortune game. They choose to retire early and take a step back from their high profile lives and current profession, in order to spend a low profile lifestyle, try some other vocation, or pursue their hobbies.


No matter what their reasons are for early retirement, these celebrities also quickly come back into the limelight. There are a few stars who just cannot give up the fame, even after claiming that their career is over. They make plans to retire and then shortly return to where they were before. These stars return in the game as fast as they leave. Have a look at 15 such celebrities who ‘un’ retired and then came back in the game.

15 Retired Child Stars Who Lead Normal Lives

Everyone wants to be famous and desires to lead a lavish lifestyle. Whether it’s about acting in Hollywood, appearing on the small screen, or just becoming famous by television advertisements, anything that brings fame is quite in demand. However, not everybody likes to be famous throughout their life. They may get bored of their acting career, want some privacy, or choose to lead normal lives like common people; some celebrities prefer to become businessmen, take a regular job, or become a stay-at-home mother rather than being in the limelight.


This article brings forth the 15 child stars who quit their acting career, in order to lead a normal lifestyle. They became famous with their acting stints, but chose to further continue their studies or pursue their hobby. Meet the former child celebrities who left the spotlight to choose a common career.

15 Highest-Paid Retired Athletes  

There are rich people in every field. Similarly, athletes also earn huge bucks. But, how much do they earn after their retirement. Do famous personalities keep up with their income even after retirement or do they earn much less and fell broke? We have compiled a list of 15 athletes who have the highest-paid income, even after their retirement. The term ‘retired’ should not be taken too seriously with these sportspersons, since they all are engrossed in their post-playing careers.


No matter, what they are doing, these former athletes certainly know how to market themselves and use their hard-earned dollars well in their winter of life. These athletes include basketball legends, former football players, American footballers, tennis players, and golfers, who fall between the age brackets of 33 and 85 years. Their income estimate include their salaries, licensing, endorsements, speaking, appearances, book deals, golf design, as well as production contracts till now. It does not include their investment income.

15 Retired Nba Players, Where Are They Now?

Unlike other professional sports, basketball is a short-lived career. It ends very quickly; as with small roster sizes, there are limited number of opportunities. This makes it difficult for sideline players to continue playing after they have left their heyday. Most of the players cannot accept the reality that they no longer earn multi-million dollar salaries. They are forced to adjust with the reality that now they have to rejoin the conventional workforce like the common man. And, some of them bet their on-court earnings into thriving business investments, apart from the sport.


The current careers of ex-NBA superstars vary from the ordinary, such as truck driving, to the extraordinary, like serving as a mayor of the chief American cities and leading international charities. Some players have accomplished continual basketball success by expanding their overseas career for more paychecks and championships. Most of the former NBA players struggled with their finances, but few others took advantage of the financial security that the NBA profession gave them.Various athletes struggle to switch from the life that a superstar enjoys to the average Joe lifestyle, once their professional sports career ends. However, there are also cases of players who have adapted well to their new lifestyle, away from the regular scrutiny of media. Now that these stars have retired from their professional sports career, let us see what these 15 ex-NBA players are doing at present.

15 Celebrities Who Retired Early

Many people dream of retiring early. Like us, celebrities also dream of retiring early and leaving all the fame behind. While we only think about it, there are a few famous personalities who have actually done it. Although, the limelight offers huge benefits, these benefits come at a price, and they can be too big for some celebrities. It can be due to this reason or for various other reasons that few stars choose to retire early from their famous life. They opt to live quietly and do nothing or pursue a different profession.


The following 15 celebrities retired early from their lucrative career path, walked away from the spotlight, and went ahead with their retiring dreams.