52 Incredibly Rare and Mesmerizing Historical Photos

These stunning photographs offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the most recognizable people and moments throughout history. Few people have seen these rare photographs that offer more than just publicity shots of famous figures but rather give an in-depth look into the way they lived and the things that mattered to them.
Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful women who ever lived and when she was first photographed by Howard Conant it was clear that she would be a star. The photographer followed her while on vacation in Jamaica and many of his photos have been featured in magazines. But this rare image gives the stunning Grace Kelly a peaceful look in a beautiful backdrop.

10 Retirement Gift Ideas

When someone you know is retiring it can be really hard to find just the right gift. Is it better to get something sentimental? Something fun? Something they can use? It really depends on the person and your budget. The following are a few great gifts that will fit nearly any budget and personality.

A Watch

This can be either a pocket watch to do something more as a memento or a wristwatch for something a little more practical. For an added touch get it engraved.

Something for their Hobby

Are they a cook? A golfer? A Fisher? Perhaps a chess player? Whatever they are into get them something that goes with their hobby because they are going to have a lot more time to do it now.

A Map

Some people who retire do so because they want more time to travel and take vacations. A map is a great way for them to document where they’ve been and where they want to go.

A Mug

Whether it is for coffee or beer a mug can be a great gift. Pick one that is funny, sentimental or appropriate and it can be the perfect gift for anyone.

A Gift Basket

It might not be the most sentimental gift, but it might be the most practical for someone that has everything (or too much stuff). This is something they can eat or use and not have more clutter.

A Plaque

A plaque is a great way to show someone how much they were appreciated at their job and it is something they can always look at on the wall and remember the good times at work and how they did make a difference.

A Photo Album

This can either be filled with photos of everyone at work or great times had at work or it can be left blank. If giving a blank photo album add a note that tells them to fill it with photos of all their adventures.

Something for Their Travels

If you know they are planning a big trip for their retirement or there is someplace they’ve always wanted to go, give them something they can use on their trip. Or you can give them something that reminds them of the place they are hoping to go.

A Night Out

They’ve got time, give them a gift certificate to dinner or an event or a concert. Get them started enjoying their retirement.

Something from Their Job

If they loved their job give them something to remember it by. Either something as a joke or a sweet memento whichever you think they will appreciate more.

10 Presidents Who Retired Wealthy

When it comes to presidents it is no secret that many of them have entered the office quite wealthy. Several had established their fortunes well before getting the stress and the salary of the highest office in the land. For many of these presidents they had a quite a nest egg built up by the time they retired, but for some it was not enough to supply their extravagant lifestyles and they ended up deep in debt by the time they died.
All of the net worths of these presidents have been adjusted to the 2010 US dollar.

Thomas Jefferson $212 million


Thomas Jefferson had a substantial fortune to his name by the end of his presidency. He inherited 5,000 acres of land from his father and became a lawyer. Through his wife’s family he inherited 11,000 acres and 135 slaves. When he ended his presidency, he founded the University of Virginia and lived an extravagant lifestyle. His spending put him in debt by the time of his death and his daughter was forced to rely on charity.

The 10 Richest Countries in the World


In 2015, Global Finance Magazine ranked the wealthiest countries in the world based upon their GDP per capita. The analysis also included the Purchasing Power Parity which takes into account the cost of living and the inflation rate within the countries in order to compare the living standards. All but the most smallest countries like Andorra and Monaco were included in the study.

1. Qatar

GDP per capita $105,091.42


Qatar is currently considered to be the most advanced Arab state for human development. It has the highest per capita income in the world and is backed by the world’s third largest natural gas and oil reserves. The country is so wealthy that approximately 14% of households are dollar millionaires but it relies heavily on migrant workers to build its economy. Currently 84% of the population are migrant workers.

Retirement Calculation – How Much Money Do You Need?

Retirement is the big dream for most Americans. Putting down the ax and calling it quits from the grind stone is every hard-working persons’ ultimate goal, save those rare occasions when an individual would like to work until death. What are the actual numbers behind what make this dream a reality though? The answer is closely tied to how you want to spend your retirement. There are endless options ranging in price and depending on your wants and needs.
Retirement calculation will help you crunch these numbers, but ultimately, you must ask yourself what kind of life you want to live. For instance, some people’s ideal retirement is just to maintain mortgage, taxes, food, health care, and other essential living expenses, while saving for end of life costs such as hospice nursing and a decent funeral service. If you are the creator of a large or small family, you may also want to consider leaving your loved ones something behind. A retirement calculator can help put all these numbers into perspective by adding your expenses and subtracting them from your annual allowance or projected lump sum.
Still other people have more extravagant retirement plans which can still be surprisingly affordable: purchasing a small piece of land in a tropical paradise, selling the house to buy a dependable RV to travel away the rest of those days, or even relocating to Europe or some other country you have always admired.
You may want to think about budgeting carefully if you are a luxurious spender. Money goes so fast. Whatever budget you create, extravagant or frugal, just remember to stick to it, and also, plan to live until 100, better to over shoot than under estimate. If you are lucky enough to have a job with a retirement plan, it is highly recommended to NOT cash out early, no matter how appealing this option may seem. After all, that money is for the future! Be patient. Try to forget it exists.

15 Best Jobs After Retirement

Most of the people during their working years dream of taking some time off and plan to go on a vacation, play golf, or just relax and spend time with their loved ones. However, when retirement comes, many of us may actually miss that work. There can be thousand of reasons to continue working during your retirement years. It can be because you want to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, you want some extra source of income, or you simply want to remain productive and engaged.


No matter what your reasons are for working in your golden years, whether monetary or other reasons, we can help you find a job after your retirement. Just go through our list of the 15 best jobs after retirement, and find the one that suits you the best as per your post-retirement requirements. Have a look.

Top 15 Celebrity Retirement Hot Spots

Celebrities remain young, no matter what their age is. They do not fade away even during their retirement life. Most of them stay in lavish homes and famous cities. For instance, Rod Stewart is almost 68 and stays in London. Elton John is around 65 and has ostentatious properties in various places, including Atlanta, the Cote d’Azur, and Windsor. Mick Jagger is pushing 70 and has stylish homes across Europe and in the Caribbean. Like these celebrities, there are other stars too who live in one of the most fascinating destinations of the world.


Let us look at where all these places are. In this article, you will read about the 15 top retirement hot spots, where retired celebrities live. Whether you are the type of retiree who does not want to peter out or if you are a quiet octogenarian who likes to stay at home, you are spoilt for choice to grow old in these fun places.

15 Highest-Paid Retired Athletes  

There are rich people in every field. Similarly, athletes also earn huge bucks. But, how much do they earn after their retirement. Do famous personalities keep up with their income even after retirement or do they earn much less and fell broke? We have compiled a list of 15 athletes who have the highest-paid income, even after their retirement. The term ‘retired’ should not be taken too seriously with these sportspersons, since they all are engrossed in their post-playing careers.


No matter, what they are doing, these former athletes certainly know how to market themselves and use their hard-earned dollars well in their winter of life. These athletes include basketball legends, former football players, American footballers, tennis players, and golfers, who fall between the age brackets of 33 and 85 years. Their income estimate include their salaries, licensing, endorsements, speaking, appearances, book deals, golf design, as well as production contracts till now. It does not include their investment income.

15 Tips To Stay Happy During Your Retirement

Everyone pictures their retirement as a lovely vacation, where they can get up late, travel to far off places, play golf, and spend time with their family and friends. There’s nothing wrong in such a visual escapade. After spending your whole life making money, you want to use that money during your retirement years. But before that, you need to plan your retirement accordingly. Spend less, save more, and enjoy a happy retirement life.


Nevertheless, money is not the only thing that can assure you of a happy retirement life. While a huge nest egg may make you happier to some extent, there are other important things too. Just the freedom to do whatever you like can suffice everything. And, even if you have not taken the necessary steps for your retirement, you can take them in your golden years. As they say, “It’s never too late to start over”; now also you can make adjustments to your lifestyle, accept the reality, and move on. Go through the 15 secrets of a happy and comfortable retirement life and utilize them when you retire.

15 Ways to Start Saving Early for Retirement

People tend to delay their retirement savings, with the excuse of late retirement, thinking that they have got plenty of time before they retire. They focus on their current lifestyle and spend extravagantly. The younger generation believes that they can save more in their 40s and 50s and can fill-in for their lack of early savings. However, this can prove to be detrimental in the long run.


Saving early is the key for a comfortable retirement life. Building your nest egg at a young age will not only be beneficial for your retirement period, but will also make your youth life satisfying and rewarding. No matter how much you contribute towards your retirement, it will help you in some way or the other. At a later stage, there are more financial obligations that can ruin your saving plans. So, save now and reap huge rewards later. Go through our list of 15 ways through which you can start saving early for your retirement.