Rare Pictures that Capture the True Spirit of Woodstock 1969

Woodstock was a rock festival that took place in New York from August 15th to August 18th, 1969. It became the most famous music festival in history both for the legendary bands that performed and for the people that attended the festival in the spirit of love, peace, fun and awesome music.

Flying High

While the event was originally planned by Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman and Artie Kornfeld and actually took place in Bethel where a farmer offered his alfalfa field as a venue.

Is it Possible Scientists Have Actually Discovered An Anti-Aging Pill?

An Anti-aging Pill – For Real!

No matter how many anti-aging lotions and potions I rub into my skin, it’s unlikely that I’m going to wake up one day soon, glance in the mirror, and see my 30-old- face staring back at me. But the burgeoning nutritional supplement market, estimated at a whopping $20+ billion, consistently promises it can help me live healthier– and feel younger. Although I’d be willing to keep my crow’s feet and laugh lines, in exchange for feeling as tip-top as I did decades ago, so many supplement claims seem downright absurd, even if Dr.

Oz is making them!

It got my attention, however, when I heard that a Stanford-educated PhD, with his advanced degree in cancer biology, had discovered a vitamin that actually could reduce the effects of aging and prompt our cells to act like they did when we were younger. Was this for real?
I wanted to learn more, so I arranged for an interview with Dr. Charles Brenner, the scientist, and asked him to explain his discovery in non-scientific terms. If a highly educated scientist hoped to teach me anything, he had to make it simple. Biology was my worst subject in high school!

Discovering The Pathway To Cell Longevity

Dr. Brenner is the polar opposite of Dr. Oz when it comes to publicity; that’s why you’ve likely never heard his name. The brilliant scientist discovered the pathway between nicotinamide riboside (NR), a miracle molecule with exciting ‘anti-aging’ abilities, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which is the single most important molecule in every single cell of our bodies. Now Dr. Brenner is speaking out about his discovery, because many companies misleadingly claim that their supplements can do the same thing as supplements with NR. That’s simply not true, he asserts!
“OK, so what’s the big deal about NR?” I asked Dr. Brenner. “We all absolutely need it,” he quickly responded. “NR is a form of vitamin B3 that helps our cells to produce NAD. NAD performs a number of critical functions: It enables our cells to convert the fats, proteins and carbohydrates we eat into the energy we need to stay in top shape. It also activates our longevity genes, known in the scientific community as sirtuin genes, which regulate cellular aging and the chemical and biological processes that help us maintain healthy and fit lives. Those processes are called metabolism,” Dr. Brenner told me. Unfortunately, our level of NAD substantially declines as our bodies slow down with age, making us more susceptible to certain health issues, like hearing loss, rare muscle diseases, nerve damage, heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, and more. Aging is the biggest risk factor for many of the diseases that kill us. Doing cardio and weight-bearing exercises all week, consuming a diet of nutritious whole foods, getting adequate sleep, and staying away from smoking and drinking, WON’T stop the decline of NAD, Dr. Brenner emphasizes.

What Your Metabolism Absolutely Needs As You Age

NAD gives our metabolism the extra push it needs to reduce the effects of aging, and make the cells function like they did when they were younger. That’s a big deal.
Here’s another way to think about NR: It’s like the fuel to keep an engine functioning in an energy-efficient car. “As the engine becomes older, it becomes less efficient, and requires more fuel to keep it maintained,” Dr. Brenner explains. “Cells damaged by the inevitable stresses of life, such as aging, exposure to sun, or alcohol, look for NR in order to replenish their NAD and repair the damage.” If they can’t get it, they die. Prior to Dr. Brenner’s discovery, our cells could produce NAD with the help of tryptophan, an amino acid which synthesises protein, or from niacin and nicotinamide, also forms of vitamin B3. “But each of them has limitations,” Dr. Brenner reports. “Tryptophan is just plain inefficient; niacin at high doses causes flushing, and nicotinamide inhibits sirtuins, those genes I was talking about before that lengthen life, and help treat age-related diseases like diabetes, neurodegeneration, and cancer. The other compounds have been available since the late 1930s, but they don’t provide the additional advantages of NR.”
NR increases NAD, but doesn’t inhibit sirtuins, won’t cause flushing, and is the vitamin that our stressed cells look for to regenerate their vital NAD. When the scientific community first looked at Dr. Brenner’s research, it was excited to see that he had discovered something that would help the aging population to maintain muscle mass and function, as well as heart, nerve and cognitive function. Soon to release the results of a clinical trial , Dr. Brenner expects it to show that the NAD levels of healthy humans increased, even when they took single doses of NR.

A Science-Backed Brand You Can ACTUALLY Trust

There’s more good news: Dr. Brenner is co-founder and the chief scientist of a company called ProHealthspan, which distributes an NR supplement under the brand name TruNIAGEN®. He wants to assure us that we’re getting the real benefits of his important discovery, and to be wary of other brands that claim to turn back the clock.

People who have started taking TruNIAGEN report subtle changes in their overall feelings of well-being; improved sleep quality; consistent energy; improved cognitive function, and skin health within four to 16 weeks of taking their first dose.
Dr. Brenner also looks forward to determining the role of TruNIAGEN® in improving cholesterol, and helping with weight management, diabetes and neuropathy. “We’re hoping to enroll patients this year in a breast cancer neuropathy trial,” he says.
“My educated guess is that the more stresses a person has, the more TruNIAGEN® will be helpful,” Dr. Brenner claims. “It will be beneficial even when you’re in your 70s and 80s!”

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South Africa has become one of the most stable and fastest developing counties on the African continent. Numerous South African businesses have grown into worldwide conglomerates and there are several billionaires living in the country today. Take a look at how some of the richest people in South Africa climbed the ladder of success.

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Markus Jooste is the CEO of Steinhoff International. He joined the company in 1988 after he engineered the sale of a South African retail chain to the German owners of Steinhoff. He then worked his way through the company to turn it into “Africa’s Ikea” and the second largest retailer of household goods in Europe. In 2014 Steinhoff International purchased another company, Pepkor Holdings, which added clothing to their list of offerings.

7 Things You Must Know About Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is a policy to cover those gaps in Medicare coverage so that you are protected from having to pay for care in certain instances where Medicare won’t cover you. Also known as MediGaps, these include copayments, coinsurance and various deductibles, depending on what medical needs you may have. However, there are a number of important things you should know about Medicare Supplemental Insurance before you set up a policy for yourself:

  1. You are still in the Medicare Program and you still receive the same rights and protections in the Medicare program as you did before you set up this Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy.
  2. You can only join a plan at certain times during the year. This will vary from plan to plan so it is important to know exactly when you can join one and when you can’t.
  3. You can check with the plan before you get a particular service to see if it’s covered and what the costs may be if it is or isn’t. This is incredibly helpful for people who may have pre-existing conditions or have concerns about health problems they may have in the near future.
  4. Most plans will allow those with pre-existing conditions to sign up for their plans, with the exception of a few conditions, namely End-Stage Renal Disease.
  5. You must follow the specific rules of your medicare supplemental insurance plan, like getting referrals from specialists to avoid the added cost and using specialists within your plan’s network. Each plan is different so it’s important to check with the plan before each treatment or doctor’s visit. If you go to someone outside of network, there is a good chance you will not be covered at all.
  6. Out of pocket expenses are usually capped with a limit for how much each policy holder has to spend per year. Once this limit is reached, you will not have to pay anymore out of pocket for the rest of that year. However, these limits can often change at any time.
  7. These Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans can’t charge more than original Medicare would charge for services like chemotherapy, dialysis or skilled nursing facility care.

Companies with some of the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans.

Retirement Calculation – How Much Money Do You Need?

Retirement is the big dream for most Americans. Putting down the ax and calling it quits from the grind stone is every hard-working persons’ ultimate goal, save those rare occasions when an individual would like to work until death. What are the actual numbers behind what make this dream a reality though? The answer is closely tied to how you want to spend your retirement. There are endless options ranging in price and depending on your wants and needs.
Retirement calculation will help you crunch these numbers, but ultimately, you must ask yourself what kind of life you want to live. For instance, some people’s ideal retirement is just to maintain mortgage, taxes, food, health care, and other essential living expenses, while saving for end of life costs such as hospice nursing and a decent funeral service. If you are the creator of a large or small family, you may also want to consider leaving your loved ones something behind. A retirement calculator can help put all these numbers into perspective by adding your expenses and subtracting them from your annual allowance or projected lump sum.
Still other people have more extravagant retirement plans which can still be surprisingly affordable: purchasing a small piece of land in a tropical paradise, selling the house to buy a dependable RV to travel away the rest of those days, or even relocating to Europe or some other country you have always admired.
You may want to think about budgeting carefully if you are a luxurious spender. Money goes so fast. Whatever budget you create, extravagant or frugal, just remember to stick to it, and also, plan to live until 100, better to over shoot than under estimate. If you are lucky enough to have a job with a retirement plan, it is highly recommended to NOT cash out early, no matter how appealing this option may seem. After all, that money is for the future! Be patient. Try to forget it exists.

Review Of Vanguard Investment Management Company

Vanguard manages $3 trillion of assets and has traditionally been quite successful at managing other people’s money.  In examining the nation’s top 101 most popular 401(k) plans, Vanguard 401k makes up 32 of them.  What does this giant in retirement funds have to offer different investors?
A very popular investment is Target Retirement funds, which Vanguard is able to offer to 88% of its investors and 66% of different plan participants invest in those plans.  Eight of the actively managed funds appear on the list of the 101 most popular, and actively managed funds have especially been a target for overcharging customers, Vanguard’s actively managed plans have a good reputation for controlling costs.
Most of Vanguard’s 401(k)’s have a good reputation for providing a solid mix of stocks and bonds, as well as providing a reasonable expense ratio.
Wellington:  Vanguard’s Wellington invests 66% of its assets in stocks with 34% invested in bonds.  This fund has $89 billion in assets and an expense ratio of .26%.  The real question an investor has is the return on investment.  The one-year return on Vanguard Wellington is 3.5%, the five-year return is 12.1%, and the 10-year return is 7.9%.
All is not perfect with Vanguard funds.  Their International Growth plan has had three different managers since 2009, and that has affected its recent performance.  International Growth fund has $23.1 billion in assets and an expense ratio of .47% which is still not astronomical.  The one year return is -1.6%, the five-year return is 10.5, and the 10 year return is 7%.  The discrepancy between the one and five and ten year returns indicates this plan bears watching.  Perhaps with a consistent leadership, this plan will settle in and produce more consistent results.
Finally, consider the Vanguard Morgan Growth plan. This plan has $11.6 billion in assets, an expense ratio of .40%, and a one-year return of 12.6%, a five-year 17.7%, and a 10 year return of 8.6%.  This fund invests in fast-growing firms that have smart boards and smart directors.  If there is a concern about this fund it is that there are five firms involved in running it.
Vanguard has been around for a long time, and has been successful just as long making smart investments with their Vanguard IRA plans.  Depending on how important large growth is there are many funds a future retiree can choose from.

15 Best Jobs After Retirement

Most of the people during their working years dream of taking some time off and plan to go on a vacation, play golf, or just relax and spend time with their loved ones. However, when retirement comes, many of us may actually miss that work. There can be thousand of reasons to continue working during your retirement years. It can be because you want to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, you want some extra source of income, or you simply want to remain productive and engaged.


No matter what your reasons are for working in your golden years, whether monetary or other reasons, we can help you find a job after your retirement. Just go through our list of the 15 best jobs after retirement, and find the one that suits you the best as per your post-retirement requirements. Have a look.

Celebs Who "Un" Retired And Are Back In The Game

Stardom and fame can be overwhelming, especially when you have already racked up millions of dollars and endless glory. Therefore, it is not surprising that some celebrities decide to walk away from the fortune game. They choose to retire early and take a step back from their high profile lives and current profession, in order to spend a low profile lifestyle, try some other vocation, or pursue their hobbies.


No matter what their reasons are for early retirement, these celebrities also quickly come back into the limelight. There are a few stars who just cannot give up the fame, even after claiming that their career is over. They make plans to retire and then shortly return to where they were before. These stars return in the game as fast as they leave. Have a look at 15 such celebrities who ‘un’ retired and then came back in the game.

15 Retired Child Stars Who Lead Normal Lives

Everyone wants to be famous and desires to lead a lavish lifestyle. Whether it’s about acting in Hollywood, appearing on the small screen, or just becoming famous by television advertisements, anything that brings fame is quite in demand. However, not everybody likes to be famous throughout their life. They may get bored of their acting career, want some privacy, or choose to lead normal lives like common people; some celebrities prefer to become businessmen, take a regular job, or become a stay-at-home mother rather than being in the limelight.


This article brings forth the 15 child stars who quit their acting career, in order to lead a normal lifestyle. They became famous with their acting stints, but chose to further continue their studies or pursue their hobby. Meet the former child celebrities who left the spotlight to choose a common career.