Rare Pictures that Capture the True Spirit of Woodstock 1969

Woodstock was a rock festival that took place in New York from August 15th to August 18th, 1969. It became the most famous music festival in history both for the legendary bands that performed and for the people that attended the festival in the spirit of love, peace, fun and awesome music.

Flying High

While the event was originally planned by Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman and Artie Kornfeld and actually took place in Bethel where a farmer offered his alfalfa field as a venue.

52 Incredibly Rare and Mesmerizing Historical Photos

These stunning photographs offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the most recognizable people and moments throughout history. Few people have seen these rare photographs that offer more than just publicity shots of famous figures but rather give an in-depth look into the way they lived and the things that mattered to them.
Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful women who ever lived and when she was first photographed by Howard Conant it was clear that she would be a star. The photographer followed her while on vacation in Jamaica and many of his photos have been featured in magazines. But this rare image gives the stunning Grace Kelly a peaceful look in a beautiful backdrop.

10 Retirement Gift Ideas

When someone you know is retiring it can be really hard to find just the right gift. Is it better to get something sentimental? Something fun? Something they can use? It really depends on the person and your budget. The following are a few great gifts that will fit nearly any budget and personality.

A Watch

This can be either a pocket watch to do something more as a memento or a wristwatch for something a little more practical. For an added touch get it engraved.

Something for their Hobby

Are they a cook? A golfer? A Fisher? Perhaps a chess player? Whatever they are into get them something that goes with their hobby because they are going to have a lot more time to do it now.

A Map

Some people who retire do so because they want more time to travel and take vacations. A map is a great way for them to document where they’ve been and where they want to go.

A Mug

Whether it is for coffee or beer a mug can be a great gift. Pick one that is funny, sentimental or appropriate and it can be the perfect gift for anyone.

A Gift Basket

It might not be the most sentimental gift, but it might be the most practical for someone that has everything (or too much stuff). This is something they can eat or use and not have more clutter.

A Plaque

A plaque is a great way to show someone how much they were appreciated at their job and it is something they can always look at on the wall and remember the good times at work and how they did make a difference.

A Photo Album

This can either be filled with photos of everyone at work or great times had at work or it can be left blank. If giving a blank photo album add a note that tells them to fill it with photos of all their adventures.

Something for Their Travels

If you know they are planning a big trip for their retirement or there is someplace they’ve always wanted to go, give them something they can use on their trip. Or you can give them something that reminds them of the place they are hoping to go.

A Night Out

They’ve got time, give them a gift certificate to dinner or an event or a concert. Get them started enjoying their retirement.

Something from Their Job

If they loved their job give them something to remember it by. Either something as a joke or a sweet memento whichever you think they will appreciate more.

10 Presidents Who Retired Wealthy

When it comes to presidents it is no secret that many of them have entered the office quite wealthy. Several had established their fortunes well before getting the stress and the salary of the highest office in the land. For many of these presidents they had a quite a nest egg built up by the time they retired, but for some it was not enough to supply their extravagant lifestyles and they ended up deep in debt by the time they died.
All of the net worths of these presidents have been adjusted to the 2010 US dollar.

Thomas Jefferson $212 million


Thomas Jefferson had a substantial fortune to his name by the end of his presidency. He inherited 5,000 acres of land from his father and became a lawyer. Through his wife’s family he inherited 11,000 acres and 135 slaves. When he ended his presidency, he founded the University of Virginia and lived an extravagant lifestyle. His spending put him in debt by the time of his death and his daughter was forced to rely on charity.